Freedom Apk Download for Android and IOS

By | February 26, 2018

Freedom Apk Download:

Freedom App the name chosen is indeed very smart and ironic.Remember those situations, when you really want to play a game, and then you start playing it, and you’re excellent at it, but there’s just this teeny tiny problem- the minute you cross a level, suddenly you’re facing a block- the not being able to go ahead without shelling out some money block. This article is all about downloading freedom apk on android and iOS.


Freedom Apk Download for Android and IOS :

In-app purchases can be a total buzzkill, which might end up making the player annoyed and put him off the game completely. Wonder why this sad story is being reminded to you? Well, herein, we’re talking about a problem. And in this very same article, we’ll come up with a solution.

If you’re frequently facing this problem, worry not- because we’ve got a solution for you. The Freedom App.

How to Download Freedom Apk for Android?

  1. Firstly you got to download Freedom Apk from here
  2. Next, save it on your computer and transfer to your Android device
  3. After that open you’re SD Card, click on “Freedom Apk” and select “Install” Now the app will begin to install, but before you need to allow “Third Party Sources”
  4. Freedom apk download
  5. In a span of minute, the app will be installed completely and appears in apps section
  6. Tada! Now you have successfully installed Freedom Apk on your Android Smartphone!

What does this Freedom App do?

Well, the Freedom App is basically one of the best tools out there that enable you to get in-app purchases in iOS, that too free of cost. Yes, you read this right. It’s free of cost! Freedom App possesses the stress relieving ability to hack the in-app purchases of offline games that are often played by a large number of people, such as the Candy crush saga and Temple Run. In other words, it can make life easier for a lot of people.

  • The good thing here is, you don’t need to be too sneaky. Here, you can go the normal sane way. To begin using the Freedom App, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is indeed quite basic- which is, download it from the App Store.

But the one thing that is to be noted and kept in mind, is that this app is available and works exclusively- only for those devices which have IOS 9 pre-installed. It requires you to use IOS 9 or later.

  • After you have downloaded the app, the next thing you need to do is complete the whole sign up procedure. Sign into the App, with your respective account email ID and password.
  • Next step – Install the Freedom App Blocker

The second step in this procedure is to install the Freedom App Blocker. The requirement here is that we need to install a network profile.

What will the installation of a network profile do?

It will help you to block the content you choose. This is quite essential.

  • Don’t worry, because you only need to install this profile once. To complete this thing, hit the ‘Install the App Blocker’ option.
  • At this stage, you’ll be taken to another screen, which will require you to tap “Install App Blocker” once more. Which you should do.
  • At the next step, you will be asked to allow the VPN configuration. Now, this step might seem tricky or risky or what not, but you don’t have to worry because it’s not.
  • Once the whole installation business is properly completed and the profile is installed, you will be taken and redirected back to the application.
  • You will not see a VPN icon. But don’t let the absence of icon lead you to believe that something is wrong. Because it’s not. You will not see the icon, but the software is successfully installed.
  • Managing Settings-

The next step involves managing settings in one’s phone itself. This is one part most of the users are aware of.

Clicking on the settings icon takes you further and redirects you to the Settings screen.

Here you can do whatever you wish to do. Some of these things include enabling the lock mode to increase safety, configuring the notifications, whichever way you want, and reinstall the app blocker if and it is whenever necessary.

What does the locked mode do?

It does the essential task of preventing a person or any sort of sign out while the program is up and running.

Notifications Panel- What does it do?

The notification panel shows the notifications when the sessions with the app start or end. It is extremely useful for people who are on a schedule and are using a schedule. It can be helpful for keeping track of the stuff that’s important.

There might be certain doubts and questions about the App Blocker, which should be and hence, obviously are addressed-


Is the App Blocker a VPN?

Will the Internet speed be compromised and affected by the app blocker? Will the battery life of the device be affected by the App Blocker?

These are certainly important questions and are therefore addressed with quite a sincerity-

The IOS 2.0 application has brought with it several changes, one of them being making blocks immediate. The blocks being immediate, they do not require a VPN connection. The app instead uses the Apple’s technology suitably for its benefit- it uses Apple’s Network Extensions technology for the installation of a “Limited VPN”.

This “Limited VPN” blocks the content on the phone, where it’s fast and secure as well. It is never ever sent to the app’s servers.

The internet speed is generally not affected by the installation and running of the app. This app makes use of the Internet just the way other common apps do. As all the blocks that happen, happen directly on the phone, there is supposedly no noticeable difference in the speed of the internet.

The impact on the battery is also not large and scary. Since a very small portion of the traffic is going towards the VPN, the app doesn’t require extra consumption to run VPN on the full scale or run a full VPN.

Remember, that you can’t and will never see a VPN icon with the 2.0 version. Prior versions that is one from 1.5 did consist of a VPN icon, but the version from 2.0 onwards do not consist of one.

Hence, the Freedom App is a very useful and essential App. No need to go the extra mile to get this one, as it is readily and easily available on the App Store. So install this App, and make your life easier!


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