Download MovieBox app for Blackberry Priv Z3, Z10 Phones

By | February 28, 2018

Moviebox for Blackberry: Check this guide to know how to download movie box on blackberry Priv, Z3,z10 and Curve Phones. Follow these steps carefully if you want to watch movies and tv shows on your BlackBerry Phone.Click on the link, If you want to download Showbox for blackberry phones and you can download moviebox for ipad and ios as well. In this article, you will learn how to download movie box app for blackberry phones.


Download MovieBox for Blackberry Priv Z3, Z10 Phones :

  • Movie box is an entertaining app similar to Cinema box where you can watch movie and television show. In Movie box you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows by searching for them in the list which is constantly being updated. It allows you to watch unlimited material at the comfort of your home and that too free of cost.   These apps are usually only supported by Android and iOS devices. However today we will show you how you can download and use this app on your blackberry phone.
  • The most popular movie viewing and downloading apps are Showbox, Cinema box and Moviebox. Movie box Apk file is available online for downloads and it is also compatible with various devices that you own. Movie box is now available to all Blackberry smartphone users.
  • You will not find this app on Google play because of official issues but it can easily be downloaded on your phone, laptop or PC just like any other Apk file.
  • There is some debate whether the app is actually legal or not. After all, the app provides free streaming of the latest movies and shows for absolutely free whereas they would be available at a cost. What you wish to do with this information is entirely up to you because this has not stopped the numerous downloads of this app in recent times. And like everything else that is good, this also has spread like wildfire and the popularity and number of users have skyrocketed recently.
  • However, having said all this, we would give you a word of caution when you are downloading. Beware of the sources.There may be plenty but not all of them are the real thing. There are many sites which provide an undesirable malware disguised as a fake link. So we would suggest that you do your research before you choose a site from which you download.

For those of you who are new to the app, let us get to know Movie box and its features better-

  • It is first and foremost an unlimited and ever-increasing library of movies and television shows.
  • A very sorted and updated list of movies will always be present and can easily be sorted by your personal favorite genre, year, name, preferences etc.
  • Anyone can easily view the movies online or offline. Once you download any show/ movie on your phone you can watch it even without an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. This makes it so much easier to view things on the go.
  • It can be downloaded on Android, iOS and as we shall see later on in this article, even on Blackberry devices.
  • You are not required to enter any of your details – like email id or become a member to view anything.
  • You get to select video quality in both online and offline modes.
  • You can even share downloaded material with others on social media apps.
  • You can even view the material on this app using a Smart Tv for an even better viewing experience.

Download and Install Movie box on your Blackberry.

  • Make sure that your blackberry device allows the download of third party files from the net. Otherwise, your phone will reject your download process and you will be left wondering what’s wrong.
  • To check this, go to the Settings option. In the App manager, go to Install apps option. There will be an option stating – Allow Unknown Sources. You have to tap on Allow and then proceed with the download.
  • Once you turned on Unknown Source option you can install all third-party apps on your Smartphone, before you move further make sure that download Showbox apk file is available to access


The two ways by which you can download Moviebox are-

  • You can download Moviebox directly in your Blackberry phone and allow your phone to install it directly
  • You can download the Apk using your PC/ Laptop and then transfer the apk file using a USB cord to your Blackberry phone and then proceed with the Installation.
  • Now that you have used any one of the above-given methods, all you need to do is to go to the File Manager on your phone and find the downloaded file which you downloaded directly or transferred.
  • Tap on this Movie box Apk file and it will ask you to Install on your device. (Alternatively, you may also not need to open the file manager yourself. It might just pop up on your screen asking for permission to install the apk file.)
  • Simply tap on the Install option and wait. Within a few minutes, the installation process will terminate and the Moviebox App will appear on your home screen.
  • Click on the Moviebox icon and the app will open. On the opening page, you will see a list of movies and television shows listed based on their release dates, popularity, genre and many other classifications.
  • Scroll down to observe the list and find a movie you wish to view. You need to merely tap into that movie and view it. As simple as that! However, if you don’t find a TV show or movie of your choice in the list, then you can also search for it by typing the name in the search box. Unless the movie is completely unheard of you will most likely find whatever you want.


Sometimes Moviebox will stop working and will show an error when you open the app. This will only happen when you upgrade your phone to a newer version. The solution for this is that either you postpone the upgrade of your phone or you delete the app and then download it again. Deleting the app should not cause you much trouble because you can download it again after you have upgraded your phone to the newest version.  With these detailed steps, it should be very easy for you to go ahead and try out Moviebox App on your Blackberry.



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